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Offering mobile Reflexology treatments:
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The Avenue Beauty, 20a East Street, Shoreham

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Reproductive reflexology

Fertility Reflexology

Nicola has undertaken the first part of Reproflexology The Pre-Conceptual Care Programme and completed the final part in October 2017.

She was trained by Barbara Scott who has been teaching and lecturing in reproductive reflexology for the last 7 years. She is well respected as an authority in the field of reproductive reflexology, having treated many hundreds of couples on their journey to parenthood.

This unique reflexology sequence offers different treatments depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle as well as trying to address issues with reproductive issues, lifestyle, diet & nutrition, sleep, work etc.

Females are recommended a 6 week programme with weekly treatments followed by maintenance of fortnightly treatments. Males are recommended an 8 week programme with weekly treatments followed by maintenance fortnightly treatments.

It is empathetically recognised of the pressures that can be experienced and placed on relationships and therefore we have our own in-house counselling service www.mbc-relationships.co.uk and www.mbcounselling-sussex.com

For further reading please go to www.serennaturalfertility.co.uk/charge