Specialist Reflexology & Massage - Shoreham Beach

Nicola Bateup (Worcester) Mob: 07738 833865
Email: nicola@beachgreenholistics.co.uk

Offering mobile Reflexology treatments:
Mon 6pm-9pm | Wed 6pm-9pm | Thurs 6pm-9pm | Fri/Sat 9am-6pm
alternatively Massage & Reflexology: Tue 9am-8pm
The Avenue Beauty, 20a East Street, Shoreham

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Some feedback from my customers

I have been seeing Nicola regularly for reflexology treatments over the last 3 years. I very much look forward to my treatments with her as I find them very relaxing and beneficial, particularly in improving my sleep and otherwise managing my Fibromyalgia symptoms. Most of all though I look forward to the time with Nicola; she is such a warm and engaging person and whether I feel like a good natter or just drifting off, she makes me feel comfortable so that I can enjoy every minute. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Laura G - 5th April 2018

I started seeing Nicola a couple of months ago for reflexology – partly for relaxation, partly because my partner and I are trying for a baby and I was interested to see how reflexology could help. While I've not gotten pregnant yet, I cannot recommend Nicola and her reflexology enough. I used to get really bad PMT but since Nicola it has completely disappeared – I cannot describe how happy this makes me (and my boyfriend!). I love going to see Nicola. She creates a really relaxing environment. We always have a good gossip (and a chat about our shared love of Joe Wicks!). I always look forward to my treatments, she's fab! x
Louise Lawrence - 2nd December 2016

I have been going to Nicola for regular reflexology for over a year now. Not only is she very lovely and immediately put me at east, the treatments are wonderful for my fibromyalgia symptoms; they help me to relax (and boy do I sleep well afterwards!) and greatly improve my health and wellbeing generally. Nicola really knows her stuff and I can't recommend her highly enough.
Laura Foster - August 2016

Nicola has an incredible touch, calming nature and beautiful through and through. Thank you for such a wonderfully restorative treatment.
Abi Doyle - 2nd October 2015

Thank you so much for the massage on Saturday. I had the best night of sleep for months and felt really great the next day too. Much appreciated X
Susie Fisher - 21st September 2015

Thanks so much for an amazing treatment this afternoon....I'm about to float off to bed x
Natalie Cornock - 7th June 2015

Very Relaxing and calming. Im now looking forward to my next Appointment :-)
Lynda Jane Bullock - 21st March 2015

It was by mere chance that I happened to request the services of Nicola for reflexology after I was suffering from a frozen shoulder. I gave in quite sceptic. But I would rather say it was such a wonderful experience. The therapy was really refreshing and rejuvenating. My shoulder pain subsided considerably and I am looking forward to more sessions. If somebody is looking for authentic foot reflexology, this is the best place and I recommend it to everyone. The atmosphere is very friendly and professional.
Homraj Ramkelawon - 23rd January 2015

We can thoroughly recommend....very relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic - top class! :-)
Amanda Gillham - 22nd January 2015

Absolutely amazing reflexology. The best I have ever had. Felt so much better! Thank you so much x
Dee Taylor - 22nd January 2015