Specialist Reflexology & Massage
Central Shoreham, Hove & Brighton

Nicola Bateup (Worcester) Mob: 07738 833865
Email: nicola@beachgreenholistics.co.uk

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A very gentle light touch massage

Oncology Massage

As a dual qualified practitioner – qualified NHS cancer nurse specialist & qualified in oncology massage/ manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), you can be reassured that you will be in the best of hands.

Nicola carries out a full assessment and consultation of your treatment needs in a relaxed environment at her new treatment room in Shoreham. With her warm & caring empathetic personality, Nicola will put you at ease and offer an individualised treatment plan, which she can with your consent under GDPR share information with your clinical team and GP.

Oncology/MLD massage can be beneficial to help with general symptoms, side effects from treatment and to help reduce stress & anxiety. The massage itself is incredibly light touch so as not to "squash" the lymphatic vessels. It is recommended that treatments are short in duration – approx. 20 minutes but several times a week. With the aim of building up to longer duration treatments.

Oncology/MLD massage is incredibly gentle and relaxing but can also be specific to help with symptoms or side effects. It can be beneficial to help with relaxtion, reduce anxiety, improve the flow of lymph fluid and reduce/ease lymphoedema as well as boosting the immune system. It can be beneficial if you suffer regularly with colds and flu, glandular fever, ME & CFS, sinus problems, hay fever, pre and post operations, post cosmetic surgery, cellulite, digestive problems, stress, anxiety and tension.